Proposed new Committee on Quantitative Research Methods

Advances in quantitative methods underlie the growth in knowledge across many disciplines. Yet historically, research and education in quantitative methods has occurred primarily within the disciplines.

To address these issues, UChicago scientists from the BSD and the Division of the Social Sciences interested in statistics and quantitative methods established a quantitative research methodology workshop as a venue for building an intellectual community of colleagues who share methodological interests.  Since 2012, workshop participants have met approximately four times per quarter to discuss working papers and to brainstorm solutions to methodological problems encountered in ongoing research. Participants have included faculty members, researchers, and students from a broad range of disciplines, as well as the National Opinion Research Center, the Consortium for Chicago School Research, and colleagues from the University of Illinois in Chicago.

These efforts have been very successful and are now being advanced to the stage of becoming a University-wide committee to improve the quality of quantitative research and research training in social and behavioral sciences, health, education and related fields. Core members of the proposed Committee on Quantitative Research Methods from the BSD include Don Hedeker, Ron Thisted, Andre Rzhetsky and Robert Gibbons. The Committee on Quantitative Research Methods will stimulate original methodological thinking, train a new generation of methodological leaders, and launch exciting new joint ventures across the disciplines. It will also improve research training for a broad range of students who wish to become proficient in using available quantitative methods. For more information, visit