Video on UChicago octopus research wins Emmy

In December, a feature video produced by UChicago Creative’s Anthony Penta won a 2016 Chicago/Midwest Region Emmy for Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming. The segment looks at the work of Cliff Ragsdale, professor of neurobiology, and graduate students Carrie Albertin and Yan Wang as they study one of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet.

In 2015, Cliff and his team sequenced the genome of the California two-spot octopus, the first cephalopod ever to be fully sequenced. They found striking differences from other invertebrates, including a dramatic expansion of a gene family involved in nervous system development that was once thought to be unique to vertebrates. This work demonstrates the breadth of research taking place in the Biological Sciences Division, from clinical trials that directly impact patient care to quite literally the depths of the oceans. I’m pleased that Cliff’s work and the creative efforts to promote it have been recognized.