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The future of healthcare is in your hands—get ready to lead the transformation with a Master's degree from UChicago

In an era where healthcare is rapidly evolving, the demand for well-trained healthcare leaders has never been more critical. Led by world-class faculty, our graduate programs provide the next generation of healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and experience to thrive in this dynamic environment. Join us in this journey, and together, we’ll lead the way in healthcare’s exciting future. 


Degree Programs


Non-Degree Courses

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Sam Volchenboum

Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD, MS

Keme Carter

Keme Carter, MD

Associate Dean for Admissions

Samantha Fan

Samantha Fan, PhD

Director of Academic Affairs

Rebecca Plunkett

Rebecca Plunkett, MS


Alex Laguna

Alex Laguna, MA

Training Program Manager

Caitlin Pike

Caitlin Pike

Communications Manager

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