Our Faculty

Alexander T Pearson

  • Associate Professor of Medicine
    Committee on Cancer Biology
    Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics
    Committee on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology
  • Clinical Interests: Clinical Trials, Immunotherapy, Medical education, Salivary gland cancers, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tumors
  • Research and Scholarly Interests: Education, Graduate Medical, Head and Neck Cancer, Mathematical Model, Models, Biologic, Neural Network Models, Salivary Gland Cancers, Statistical Models, Therapies, Combined Modality, Tumor Cell Lines, Tumor Immune Escape
  • Websites: Research Network Profile
  • Contact: apearson5@uchicago.edu
  • Graduate Programs: Cancer Biology, Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology, UChicago Biosciences