Our Faculty

David D Wu, MD PhD

Our lab is interested in how mechanotransduction affects endothelial cell phenotype. We recently discovered that oscillatory shear stress affects endothelial cell metabolism by turning on HIF-1alpha which turns up glycolytic pathways and suppresses mitochondrial function. This metabolic switch, induced by mechanical forces, is necessary for promoting endothelial inflammation. Currently, we are using novel FRET probes to investigate how modulating the actin cytoskeleton affects metabolism at the single cell level.

University of Chicago
- Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship

University of Chicago
- Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mutlu and Fang labs

University of Chicago
- Internal Medicine Residency

University of California, Los Angeles
MD - Medicine

California Institute of Technology
PhD - Bioengineering

University of Chicago
BS - Biological Chemistry