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Our Mission, Vision, and Values


As part of the University of Chicago, we pursue globally impactful solutions to seemingly unsolvable challenges.

Through our rigorous research, innovative education, and comprehensive care and healing, we collaborate on life-changing advancements that create meaningful results for our community and the world, including a greater, more equitable future for all.


Together, we elevate the human experience with knowledge and health care.

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Commit to Excellence

We contribute our exceptional talents to all we do and empower the same spirit of excellence in others.

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Embrace Curiosity

We stay open to new ideas, champion diverse perspectives, and drive a culture of thoughtful risk taking to deliver transformative innovation.

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Embody Equity

We identify systemic issues then foster change to drive a more equitable environment inclusive of diverse people, ideas, and fields of science.

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Grow Together

We meaningfully collaborate with one another to create something bigger than we could ever achieve alone.

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Make a Difference

We lead with heart and compassion in all our interactions. We create positive change in our areas of influence whether expanding scientific inquiry, developing the next generation of leaders, or healing our community.

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Take Ownership

We accomplish what we say we will and hold ourselves and one another accountable for our actions.