Research Support

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Large-scale, interdisciplinary projects

Support for large-scale, interdisciplinary projects across the BSD is available via the Dean's office. 

Investigators interested in discussing scientific vision with potential collaborators are invited to contact the Dean, Associate Dean and Associate Director to discuss their scientific vision and grant support needs. The Dean for Basic Science staff are available to facilitate discussions and coordinate large grant efforts at the discretion of the Dean for Basic Science.

Seed Funding

Open to all BSD faculty, working together with collaborative partners who may be outside the Division, to help foster and facilitate collaborations amongst faculty who wish to submit center and/or team science grant proposals (e.g., NIH P’s, U’s, RM1’s, NSF STCs, DARPA team contracts, Keck Foundation grants, etc). The pilot funds are intended to assist the group with, for example, 1) generation of key preliminary data for the proposal, 2) purchase of small equipment necessary for a successful proposal, 3) short-term funding for personnel to perform the experiments, and/or 4) facilitating team discussions.

Successful pilot funding awards will have the potential for highly innovative and impactful science as well as convincing the reviewers that your team is in a strong position to submit a competitive proposal.  The Dean’s Office will work with the Strategic Advisory Committee to review the proposals. The Dean’s Office will also be available to assist faculty, for example, by coordinating discussions amongst diverse and inter-disciplinary faculty groups and providing potential project management support for larger proposals.

The size of the pilot research awards will be in the range of $10,000 to $100,000, and proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, with decisions in approximately 4 weeks. The number of funded proposals will depend upon multiple factors, including the cost of individual proposals, but we expect to award up to $1 million in pilot funds per year.  

We request a one to two page (maximum) proposal, including the following:

·         Title of Proposal

·         Proposed PI(s) and Co-Investigators

·         Targeted grant mechanism & link to call for proposals (or estimated deadline)

·         One to two paragraphs outlining the scientific theme, rationale, and overall goals for the proposal

·         Amount of request and budget for the pilot funds

·         Justification for the requested amount (e.g., detail the key experiments, equipment, personnel, etc required to strengthen the proposal. If equipment, will it be placed in a core facility?)

Please submit your proposal to Connie Lee ( with ‘Pilot Research Funding Proposal’ in the subject line.  

For questions and further information, please contact Conrad Gilliam ( and Connie Lee (

Bridge Funding

Generally, bridge funding should be used to support critical personnel in an investigator’s lab and to support research goals for the resubmission of a grant application. Bridge funding should not be viewed as “incentive” funding with which to initiate a new program. 

Eligible faculty must not have other R01- level funding or access to other University funds (for example startup or gift funding). 

As a general guideline, requests in the range of $20,000-100,000 will be considered. PI salary, equipment and travel are not allowable costs. 


    To apply for bridge funding, please submit as a single PDF document of the following materials to Connie Lee ( in the Office of the Dean for Basic Science.

    • Brief response to reviewer’s comments (i.e., pink sheets for NIH applications, or equivalent for NSF)
    • Description of proposed research, including how the bridge funds will increase the likelihood of future funding (1-3 pages)
    • CV including funding record and publications related to the unfunded grant marked with an asterisk
    • A statement demonstrating evidence of attempts to secure funding (which must include summary statement and score for the unfunded grant and may also include abstracts of submitted grants, panel reviews or other evaluations)
    • Budget, with justification of necessity of projected costs
    • A signed letter of support from the applicant’s department chair  

    Dean's letters

    Submit your request to

    For letters that do not request a financial commitment we request that the draft is submitted to 2 weeks prior to the grant deadline.

    For letters that request a financial commitment we request that a draft letter, draft budget and the target award information are submitted to 5 weeks prior to the grant deadline.