Core Facilities

Core Facilities are an essential component of The University of Chicago's research enterprise, providing critical resources that enable existing and emerging technologies to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries. 

Cores offer expertise in state-of-the-art instrumentation and services as well as experimental design and data analysis to advance research programs across the disciplines.  Operated as fee-for-service facilities, core facilities are managed in order to best support the University’s mission to discover and create new knowledge of living systems. We are driven by the research needs of the faculty.

Image: Zebra Finch brain pathways mapped in Integrated Small Animal Imaging

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Office of Shared Research Facilities

The Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) manages BSD Core Facilities by providing financial, administrative, IT, and communication support. OSRF works closely with The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Research Resources Oversight Committee.

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George Langan

George Langan, DVM, DACLAM

Associate Dean for Research Resources

Research Resources Oversight Committee

The Research Resources Oversight Committee (RROC) of the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) serves as an advisory body, which in partnership with the Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) establishes a policy framework for the operation of core facilities, reviews and prioritizes acquisition of major scientific equipment for the division, and provides scientific expertise and strategic planning for institutional research resources.

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