Core Facilities

Core Facilities are an essential component of The University of Chicago's research enterprise, providing critical resources that enable existing and emerging technologies to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries. 

Open Access Initiative: Investigators can use core facilities at all three Chicago Biological Consortium universities-The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois at Chicago-at “in house” costs. Read more here.

Image: Zebra Finch brain pathways mapped in Integrated Small Animal Imaging

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Next-Gen and Micro-Array Sequencing Next-Gen (Illumina and Pacific Biosciences Sequencing and Library prep), Micro-array (Illumina genotyping and EPIC arrays), and Bio-analyzer/Fragment-analyzer sample QC services. For Single Cell sequencing project the Facility operates a DROP-SEQ and 10X Genomics instrument.

DNA Sequencing and Genotyping 

Biophysics Seahorse Analyzer, spectrophotometers, and other instruments for characterizing the structure and dynamics of proteins and functional RNAs, from absolute properties to kinetic studies.

Biostatistics Study design, study execution, and data analysis.

Cellular Screening Center High throughput cell and non-cell based screening on both small molecule and siRNA libraries.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance State-of-the-art NMR Spectrometers with training and data analysis expertise.

CRI Bioinformatics Core Analysis of data that transforms high-throughput raw data into biologically meaningful information.


Human Tissue Resource Center (HTRC) A coordinated, centralized, and dedicated program for the procuring, processing, dispersing and assessing all types of biospecimens together with downstream histology services. CAP Accredited.

Cellular and Tissue Based Processing cGMP Facility Cleanroom (ISO7/8) environment for manufacturing and preparing human cells, tissues and tissue-based products for treatment of patients for Phase I, II and III clinical trials. CAP Accredited.

Human Immunological Monitoring (HIM) Correlative assays to measure immune response in subjects from various cancer immunotherapy trials.

Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO) Assists with medical imaging performed on human subjects for research purposes and clinical trials.

Pharmacology - Analytical and Biofluids Comprehensive lab services to support cancer investigators conducting clinical and preclinical drug development studies.

UChicago Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN)

Advanced Electron Microscopy: Cryopreservation and Tomography Titan Krios with Gatan K3 detector, Aquilos Cryo-DualBeam system, Apreo Volume Scope Serial Block-face SEM, FEI Talos Cryo-EM.

Cytometry and Antibody Technology Instrumentation and antibodies for the analytical detection of subcellular components and proteins using a range of fluorescence and non-fluorescence-based detection technologies.

Integrated Light Microscopy High-end microscopy imaging capabilities, including bright field (color, DIC), fluorescence (multi-dimension; TIRFM; bleaching, ablation, FLIM), high-resolution, high-speed, high-sensitivity, confocal, and physiologic techniques; STED, GSD3D, lightsheet selective plane illumination (SPIM), and lattice lightsheet structured illumination super resolution microscopy.

Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource Broad spectrum of imaging modalities, techniques, and services for in vivo imaging of small animals and ex vivo imaging of tissue/organ specimens.

MRI Research Center Development of new fMRI methods, MRI methods for characterizing stroke, breast and prostate cancer imaging, use of quantitative MRI in clinical trials, including improvements in quantitative MRI methods, and development of new cardiac imaging methods.

Cyclotron Facility The Cyclotron Facility produces radioactively labeled drugs for diagnostic, pre-clinical imaging in Oncology, Neurology, and other area in conjunction with the iSAIRR facility.  We also hold an IND for human research use of 18F-fluorothymidine.


XROMM Biplanar digital videofluoroscopy with CT-scan based reconstruction of morphology to produce high resolution (+ 0.1 mm) reconstructions of movements of biological structures.

Animal Resources Center

Fly Kitchen Produces fly food daily using a modified Bloomington cornmeal-molasses formulation.

Transgenic/ES Cell Technology Genetic engineering services including the production of transgenic mice; CRISPR/Cas9 technology including the newly developed Rosa26 & H11 CRISPR; ES cell gene targeting, ES Cell culture and production of KO/KI mouse models; TARGATT technology; and BAC transgenic preparation and injection.


Office of Shared Research Facilities

The Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) manages BSD Core Facilities by providing financial, administrative, IT, and communication support. OSRF works closely with The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Research Resources Oversight Committee.

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George Langan

George Langan, DVM, DACLAM

Associate Dean for Research Resources

Research Resources Oversight Committee

The Research Resources Oversight Committee (RROC) of the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) serves as an advisory body, which in partnership with the Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) establishes a policy framework for the operation of core facilities, reviews and prioritizes acquisition of major scientific equipment for the division, and provides scientific expertise and strategic planning for institutional research resources.

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