The Chicago Fellows 2023 Summer Cycle is now open! 


All application materials must be submitted online as a SINGLE PDF file. Exceptions: letters of references and the University of Chicago mentor’s letter can be submitted as part of the complete application or emailed by the referees and/or mentor to: Documents must be combined in the order specified below. Applications not conforming to the requirements will NOT be accepted.

Required Application Materials

  1. CV
  2. 1-page summary of applicant’s graduate research
  3. Copy of applicant’s most important publication - either published or in press or uploaded to a pre-print server (e.g., Only one publication may be submitted.
  4. Two-page research proposal (maximum) describing the innovative, impactful research project the candidate proposes to do at the University of Chicago. Figures and references may exceed this limit, but please keep any associated text concise.
  5. Please include a statement of author contributions at the end of the research proposal. The expectation is that the research proposal will be substantially written by the fellow candidate, in consultation with the University of Chicago faculty mentor. If this is not the case, then please describe how the candidate contributed to this research proposal, and how the proposed research differs and builds upon the candidate’s graduate research experience.
  6. Support letter from a University of Chicago faculty mentor (with a primary or secondary appointment in a department in the Biological Sciences Division), including a statement confirming that the mentor’s lab has the necessary resources to support the proposed research project. The mentor’s letter should describe the strengths of the candidate relative to other postdoctoral scholars and why the University of Chicago is the ideal training environment for this fellow. The mentor’s letter may be submitted by the applicant as part of the application or by the mentor, and should be signed, dated, and on letterhead. If submitted directly by the mentor, please send to:
  7. Two letters of reference. Letters must be signed, dated and on letterhead. They may be submitted by the applicant as part of the complete PDF application, or by the referees to:


Application Portal

To apply, go to Chicago Fellows Application Submission Portal.