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BSD/UCMC Institutional Review Boards

Welcome to the website of the BSD/UCMC Institutional Review Boards at the University of Chicago.  The BSD/UCMC IRBs are charged with the responsibility for review, approval and surveillance of research involving human subjects carried out in the BSD and the University of Chicago Medical Center.  This review and surveillance is conducted to assure the protection of the rights and welfare of all research subjects, including volunteers and patients, as well as ensure compliance with regulations. We encourage you to contact us with any questions.


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Federalwide Assurance (FWA)

Federal regulations require an IRB to review research on human subjects if the research involves federal funding. In addition, the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago has determined that all research undertaken at this institution or by those persons affiliated with this institution under its jurisdiction will undergo review.

The University has obtained a Federalwide Assurance (FWA), which signifies that the University and the University of Chicago Medical Center are in compliance with the federal requirements for the protection of human subjects for federally-funded research. For details on the University's FWA and other institutional information, please visit the University Research Administration's website

The University FWA number is FWA00005565. Current expiration date of the FWA is 7/6/2027.

The University of Chicago IORG number is IORG0000201.




IRB Registration and Rosters

The University of Chicago's 5 IRBs are registered with OHRP. The 3 BSD IRBs are also registered with the FDA. The registration information is publicly available on OHRP's website.

Internal Name Federal Identification Number and Name
IRB Committee A IRB00000331 U of Chicago IRB #1A BSD/UCMC IRB
IRB Committee B IRB00000735 U of Chicago IRB #1B BSD/UCMC IRB
IRB Committee C IRB00002169 U of Chicago IRB #1C BSD/UCMC IRB

Please access IRB rosters on the Office of Clinical Research website:

Research with human beings plays an essential part in combating disease and in expanding the frontiers of knowledge. ”

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The President's Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research, Protecting Human Subjects -- The Adequacy and Uniformity of Federal Rules and Their Interpretation. (Washington, D.C., December 1981)