UChicago launches new master’s program in biomedical sciences

The novel one-year degree enhances training for those seeking biomedical scientific careers.

The University of Chicago is launching a new one-year Master of Science (MS) in Biomedical Sciences program in Autumn Quarter 2023. Applications will open in September 2022 through March 15, 2023 with a priority admissions deadline of January 15, 2023. The program’s mission is to open opportunities and catapult students towards a broad array of careers in biomedicine or other fields that rely on biomedical expertise.

Demand for careers across biomedical fields and healthcare is projected to grow by almost 20% in the next decade. The Biological Sciences Division created this novel program in partnership with the Pritzker School of Medicine to enhance training for those seeking biomedical scientific careers and enable existing professionals from any career track to grow their biomedical expertise for jobs in education, clinical and academic research, business, biotechnology, science communication, civil service and policy. 

Taught by faculty experts across the Biological Sciences Division, including the Department of Medicine, and the Institute for Translational Medicine, the program’s core curriculum focuses on the applications and innovations in clinical care and medical treatment, statistics, bioethics, and the American healthcare system. Students can choose to specialize and complete a culminating capstone project in Science Communication, Biomedical Data Science, or Health Systems Science.

The Office of Master’s Education (OME) also offers the Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science in Public Health Sciences for Clinical Professionals (MSCP), and the Master of Science in Precision Health (MsPH). For more information, please visit

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