There are many resources available within the BSD. Some tips include:

Review offerings and consult the Office of Faculty Affairs for resources available to you throughout the BSD and the University. 

Review the guidelines for reappointment and promotion

Remember that every mentor and every mentee is different.  Be careful not to over-generalize from your personal experience.  What works for you may not necessarily work for your mentee.

Figure our what your mentee wants and needs versus what you can provide.  If you can't provide all of what they need, encourage them to find an additional or alternative mentor.   Helpful forms for outlining expectations are the following: BSD Track Mentorship Tool and SOM Track Mentorship Tool.

Provide both advice and support.

Be on the lookout for mentorship opportunities and welcoming to prospective mentees.  Many junior faculty report that they are unable to find mentors, and would welcome your help.  And, even if you are unable to mentor or a poor match to a potential mentee, try to guide the faculty member to an appropriate mentor.

Above all, do no harm!  Bad advice can ruin a mentee.  Importantly, do not project your own aspirations onto a mentee with different goals or override the mentee's job description/expectations (which may be beyond the mentee's control).

If you need help, ask for it.  For additional advice, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.

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