BSD Track

Here you will find a summary of resources and guidance for those interested in a new faculty appointment at the rank of Professor within the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) track.  Please reference the full set of guidance available through our official guidelines and seek assistance from our office or your department for additional information. 

The BSD track is for faculty who are appointed primarily because of their potential to make world-class contributions to knowledge, who devote the vast majority of their effort to scholarship, and whose performance as faculty is judged primarily by their scholarly contributions. This is our tenure-track. We define scholarship as the creation of knowledge.  Probationary faculty on this track must advance towards tenure on the primary basis of outstanding scholarship according to a timetable, or leave the institution. To be appointed on this track, faculty must already have the background, rigorous training and demonstrated the potential for achieving the required contributions in research or scholarship. The topic of the scholarship is secondary to its quality, and all forms of scholarship conducted by our faculty can form the basis for appointment and advancement in this track as long as they meet the expected levels of quality.

Appointment at the rank of Professor on the BSD Track is usually made with tenure.  Learn more about the benefits and resources available to new faculty:

Information about promotion to Professor is on the resource page for Associate Professors. See also the official guidelines for promotion.

Faculty Resources

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