Standard Notification of Record

for Candidates Seeking Promotion to Associate Professor and/or Tenure in the BSD Track

Such candidates should be notified in writing (e.g., by email, with receipt to be acknowledged) as follows well in advance of the date materials are due in the departmental office, and the notification copied to   Please use the exact wording provided, substituting only the due date:

We now ordinarily require that you present a seminar on your research as part of the process.  Please discuss the timing with your departmental leadership.

The version of your materials that will be used in deliberations will be due in the department office on MM-DD-YYYY.  As part of these materials, you may suggest external assessors that should or should not be consulted, those who may verify contributions to collaborative works, and UChicago faculty who in your judgment cannot provide an objective assessment of your work.  Once these materials are submitted, the remainder of the process is embargoed/confidential until a decision is announced.

If materials are not received by that date, the Dean and Provost will be informed and there will not be an additional appointment.

Before that date, you may request in writing not to undergo review by submitting the form on the last page of our Process Guidelines (PDF).  This means that no record of a decision will be created, and your appointment ends no later than its present end date.

You may submit revisions/addenda to the version to be used in deliberations throughout the process to your departmental office until the Provost's decision is announced.