New knowledge of living systems

Photo of blood cells

Integrating Biology & Medicine

A single division that brings together interdisciplinary, world-renowned educational, research and clinical programs in the biological sciences and Pritzker School of Medicine 

Mark Anderson, renowned cardiac expert and medical leader, named to lead University of Chicago Medicine

Mark Anderson has been appointed to lead UChicago’s field-defining work in medicine and biological sciences as Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and Dean of the Pritzker School of Medicine, effective Oct. 1, 2022.

New fossil shows four-legged fishapod that returned to the water

Neil Shubin's team discovers a new fossil that is closely related to other animals that made the transition to land, but with features more suited for swimming and life in the water.


Center for Care and Discovery Building

UChicago Medicine

At the forefront of medicine since its founding in 1927, the University of Chicago Medicine is a not-for-profit academic medical health system that includes hospitals, outpatient clinics and physician practices throughout Chicago and its suburbs. UChicago Medicine unites five organizations to fulfill its tripartite mission of medical education, research and patient care: Pritzker School of Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, Medical Center, Community Health and Hospital Division, and UChicago Medicine Physicians.

Our Clinical Departments are tightly integrated with UChicago Medicine with many of our faculty also being practicing physicians.

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